Maritime Transport

Disbroquer works with the main shipping companies so that your shipments can reach any part of the planet. The maritime transport is the most used in the international trade and we make sure that in the shortest time your cargo arrives to its destination with rigor and professionality. If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Customised quotes for all types of SMEs.
Very competitive services for all types of customers.

Land transport

General and customer-specific transport solutions according to each need. At Disbroquer we work with the best transporters so that your goods reach their destination quickly and economically.

We carry out all types of procedures, formalities and documentation required for any type of cargo. Transport services for the last mile. No limits on the road!

Air transport

For very urgent shipments, or those that by their nature require the shortest possible time in transit, we always recommend air transport. Disbroquer can handle all types of cargo from and to any part of the planet. We agree on the best prices in the market and, as we are part of the main associations in the logistics sector at an international level, we have first hand information to obtain the best operations. There are loads that cannot wait!


Our aim is to offer the best solution for your exports and imports. At Disbroquer we are aware that a correct management of customs procedures can save a great deal of time and money. We always advise you and manage all the necessary customs documentation through our specialised department in order to ensure that the operations are a success. Our customs experts are on your side!

Storage and distribution

We provide all kinds of logistics and storage solutions so that your goods are always safe and secure. If you have any doubt or need, you can contact us to solve it.

We also have the reference logistics platforms that Alonso Group has in the Iberian Peninsula.

Disbroquer Mapa Servicios


200,000 m² of dry cargo storage facilities, groupage warehouses, customs area and container depot.


In the capital of Spain, Alonso Group has 7,300 m² of facilities for the storage of dry cargo, picking-packing, groupage and perishables.


This is a 220,000 m² intermodal platform with dry cargo warehouses with direct access by rail – with UIC width – and a large container depot.


Just over a kilometre from the most important port in Spain, Alonso Group has an integral logistics platform of 120,000 m², with 24,000 m² of storage for dry cargo and 5,200 m² of refrigerated storage.

Transport insurance

At Disbroquer we have a wide range of merchandise insurance policies so that you can decide which one best suits your needs. The transport insurance includes a series of modalities depending on the means in which it is developed, according to the object exposed to the risk, the coverage or the duration of the contract. We advise you so that your company is protected and covered against any adversity. Security is a priority!