Disbroquer, has been chosen by the NGO Asociación Amigos de Gambia to transport a load of solidarity material to the African country. Specifically, it was a container with several tons of rice, canned tomatoes, pasta, medical equipment, hospital beds, as well as a medical ambulance for first aid. Thanks to the commitment of the NGO and the collaboration of companies and individuals, this solidarity shipment has become a reality.

The freight forwarder has been in charge of the logistic coordination of the whole transport operation and it is not the first time that a Alonso Group’s company has collaborated with this organization that works, from solidarity and altruism, to improve the living conditions of some African countries.

In September, more shipments

In addition, logistical activity is expected to continue next September with the shipment of more cargo to Gambia. Once again, Disbroquer will be responsible for the transport of these regular shipments which require a series of formalities and procedures to ensure that the cargo arrives in perfect condition at its destination.

 A growing cooperation

The NGO Asociación Amigos de Gambia works in the African region in five schools and two hospitals, and has signed a health agreement with the local government. The vast majority of projects it promotes are related to children and health. Furthermore, in recent years, it has also been sending humanitarian aid to countries such as Cameroon, Angola and Liberia, as well as to the Saharan people. All of these regions are highly dependent on external aid to improve their living conditions.