Disbroquer, a company specialised in import and export services in international transport, has collaborated with the NGO “Olvidados” in the transport of humanitarian material to the island of Lesbos (Greece).

The company, which forms part of Alonso Group, was responsible for coordinating the shipment of all the equipment from the port of Valencia to the Greek port on the container ship “Sine A”.

Disbroquer is the only Spanish company that has participated in this solidarity mission and, in the near future, plans to continue collaborating in this type of initiative to help the most disadvantaged groups. In fact, this type of action is part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area and different activities are carried out in this line every year.

Essential humanitarian material

The humanitarian material (clothes, shoes, basic necessities…) will go to the NGOs that are taking care of the hundreds of migrants that arrive on the Greek island from the different migratory flows from North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Last August more than 9,000 people arrived on the coast of Lesbos, so the situation in the reception centres is totally saturated and, constantly, volunteers and staff from the NGOs have serious difficulties in attending to the most basic services. In addition, this situation is often perpetuated for new arrivals as their asylum claims can take up to a year.

Forgotten NGOs

The Spanish NGO Olvidados was born in 2010 as an initiative to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Right now the organization is providing support in the refugee camps of Lesbos by taking care of women, babies and children. Its field of action has been extended to centres in Athens in order to improve the living conditions of migrants.

In Spain, Olvidados works to provide food to socially excluded families and to guarantee a balanced meal to children through canteen scholarships. In addition, its “arteSí” programme aims, through art, to generate social references and raise awareness among children from low-income families.